Dr. Sophie Tran graduated from the University of British Columbia Kinesiology program and continued to pursue her education in Portland, Oregon where she completed both a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree summa cum laude and a Master’s of Science in Sports Medicine degree from the University of Western States.

Sophie grew up in Vancouver and has been a long-time track and field athlete, running with the UBC Thunderbirds as an All-Canadian student athlete. She has always been interested in the biomechanics and efficiency of human movement and has been fortunate to work in a variety of sport environments with athletes of all ages during her time in Portland and now in Vancouver. Sophie strives to provide patients with the opportunity and tools to achieve their goals. She believes that everyone is an athlete in their own right and uses a detailed, patient-centered approach to support patients in reaching their health goals.

Sophie’s tools include functional movement-based assessments, chiropractic care, soft tissue manual therapy, athletic taping, rehabilitation and exercise. She advocates for team-based multidisciplinary care to facilitate the best possible outcome for her patients.

Her current interests include running, rock climbing, hiking, camping, and other outdoor adventure activities. Sophie is also fluent in Cantonese.


educational background

University of Western States
Portland, OR
Degrees: Doctorate of Chiropractic (summa cum laude), Master of Science in Sports Medicine
Bachelor of Science

University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC
Degree: Bachelor of Kinesiology

recent additional training

Understanding Tendon Pain in Climbing
BirthFit Professional Seminar
Chronic Pain Management – Pain BC
Stuart McGill 1 – Building the Ultimate Back
Stuart McGill 2 – Converging on a Precise Diagnosis: The Three Hour Assessment
Active Release Techniques ® courses – 2014-2017
Performance Therapy Program, ALTIS, Phoenix, AZ
World Track and Field Medical Symposium 2016
Motion Palpation Institute

professional memberships

Canadian Chiropractic Association
British Columbia Chiropractic Association
British Columbia College of Chiropractors

want to know more?

what is a chiropractor?

BC Chiropractic Association:
BC’s chiropractors are spine, muscle and nervous system experts, providing the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and preventative care of biomechanical disorders originating from the muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems.

what does a chiropractor do?

Chiropractors are trained to provide manual and movement therapy, in addition to education, in order to manage pain and musculoskeletal issues.

treatment may include..
  • Movement assessment
  • Manual therapy for muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints
  • Chiropractic adjustments and mobilizations
  • Exercise therapy
  • Functional rehabilitation

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